88 Keys Another Victim

Friday, November 7, 2008

Living In Cancer {South Bronx}

I LOVE THE BRONX. With that said , I HATE THE BRONX. Growing up in a hell hole is great. It really makes you a stronger person, but With that said. Growing up in a hell hole sucks Obama Dick. You just feel like your living in a Box of Cancer with no treatments but to remove yourself instead of the cancer. With all it's flaws , I Love the Bronx . It's easy to see how Hip Hop started here. There's something in the water that makes us Creative....maybe the horse shit from da Bronz zoo?

False Blog Page

If you come across a page with a munch for video links to bum rappers its most likely this
guys blog ....

...... Dont be fooled! he's a Phony! (like Family guy) Phony!!!!!
Go Click on his link Fliiboiistevoscnn.blogspot.com . Let him Know, He's A Phony!