88 Keys Another Victim

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


R.I.P. skinny jeans :-(


Lesbian porn is great

Monday, September 28, 2009

Please Wait Whie Loading....

I have this problem. I tend to adapt to a situation after its a solution. Instead of adapting to being in love, I wait till the love is gone to show my feelings. Instead of reopening my heart to someone new, i choose to burn out the flame before my house catches fire. Instead of clipping the negative friends in my life, i decided to go get drunk and chill.

evolution is part of nature. we all evolve for better or worse. The challenge for me and yourself reading this post (all 3 of yall lol) is evolving before your passion goes exstint

Noun to My Verb

Noun to my Verb

I wonder if she'll like me
It doesn't hurt to try,
on a hot summer night
her eyes light up the New York sky,
In a cold New York winter
I bet her eyes are still bright,
she fills me up like dinner
so I don't need a bite

Love at first sight?
Maybe second or third,
Your the person to my actions
Noun to my Verbs

You say I have no emotion
cause I don't Say things like
"Baby lets hold hands on the sands
near the ocean",
Truth is it's a bluff
I wear pain in my eyes cause I never had luck,
I wear love in disguise cause I never had trust
But now It seems I can't get enough

So Love at first sight!
No second or third,
Your the person to my actions
Noun to my Verbs

-Alejandro Fernandez Sierra
8/8/08 :-P

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Friday, May 8, 2009

No Music Clap Clap Clap Clap

Sooooo whats good MTV. whats popping? sooooo where's the music huh? Where is all the music? All I see is a bunch of Hills reruns. Isn't this like false advertisement or something?

MTV stop playing music a few years back so as an result they created MTV2......So wats good MTV2? where's the fucking music? All ya show is a bunch of reality shows that are staged and corny. Then yall have dating shows that suck even more. VH1 already has that market in the bag homie so fall back.
No more TRL i wonder why? Could it be that BET's 106 & Park murdered yall ratings ?

I use to love you MTV. R.I.P

Now I get my music on Myspace/Youtube/ Limewire ;-) fuck off

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random Allies

If T.I. died tomorrow would you cry? 
Anyways ok random things i've been thinking of on the train.

Why do females eye fuck you when their men are there? shall I shoot him and bag your number? maybe

What is with the white girls wearing shiny tights? is that suppose to make ur booty look fat.....cause it does lol

Is Kid Cudi really that nice? or is his random lyrics to advance for my common sense? Idk yet i'll give him time.

Who watches Surviver still?????

Swine Flu is a myth 

So are Mexicans 

Rap really sucks

808's was my soundtrack 

a year and 8 months ago I was laying on a hospital bed weighing 130 pounds
Now I'm 160 pounds jogging and working out , im awesome!!!!

mmmmm Andre 3000, Where is SiriaBadu at?

Water taste like air lmao seriously drink water then taste air , you'll be amazed.


Monday, April 27, 2009

Candy is bad for you

Isamar Guzmannnnnn

Impossible lover i'll tell you. She throws me  in  loops  at times.
The hell you want ma?  I know i'm "heartless" but you're not making it possible  for me  to  have one.  I  don't  read  Indirect messages. If you got something on your mind please say it mamita. If not ...... remain silent as you were.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Finding Myself

Hello Blog! I havent updated in a few months cause i've been working on my promise to grow up. Today is my Birthday the big 20!!!! So here's my plans for 20.

1) Find a Job
2) Get a 3.00 GPA or above
3) Begin my internship
4) Meet new friends over the summer
5) Find my dream girl
6) Break up with my dream girl
7) Find my Real Girl
8) Be the best person I can Be
9) Blog My life!!!! lol

On another note, someone came back into my life that scares me smh. Scares cause they have the ability to open my heart again, and in Aliies Universe thats Major....

Well im out Peace Up ATown Down