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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


R.I.P. skinny jeans :-(


Lesbian porn is great

Monday, September 28, 2009

Please Wait Whie Loading....

I have this problem. I tend to adapt to a situation after its a solution. Instead of adapting to being in love, I wait till the love is gone to show my feelings. Instead of reopening my heart to someone new, i choose to burn out the flame before my house catches fire. Instead of clipping the negative friends in my life, i decided to go get drunk and chill.

evolution is part of nature. we all evolve for better or worse. The challenge for me and yourself reading this post (all 3 of yall lol) is evolving before your passion goes exstint

Noun to My Verb

Noun to my Verb

I wonder if she'll like me
It doesn't hurt to try,
on a hot summer night
her eyes light up the New York sky,
In a cold New York winter
I bet her eyes are still bright,
she fills me up like dinner
so I don't need a bite

Love at first sight?
Maybe second or third,
Your the person to my actions
Noun to my Verbs

You say I have no emotion
cause I don't Say things like
"Baby lets hold hands on the sands
near the ocean",
Truth is it's a bluff
I wear pain in my eyes cause I never had luck,
I wear love in disguise cause I never had trust
But now It seems I can't get enough

So Love at first sight!
No second or third,
Your the person to my actions
Noun to my Verbs

-Alejandro Fernandez Sierra
8/8/08 :-P

Wednesday, July 8, 2009