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Friday, November 7, 2008

Living In Cancer {South Bronx}

I LOVE THE BRONX. With that said , I HATE THE BRONX. Growing up in a hell hole is great. It really makes you a stronger person, but With that said. Growing up in a hell hole sucks Obama Dick. You just feel like your living in a Box of Cancer with no treatments but to remove yourself instead of the cancer. With all it's flaws , I Love the Bronx . It's easy to see how Hip Hop started here. There's something in the water that makes us Creative....maybe the horse shit from da Bronz zoo?


Super Woman said...

i say its the shit from the zoo.....

with that being said ...Lol let me stop

Im never going to the bronx again i got jumped out there by a group of angry teenagers...and almost got arrested for fighting back

wtf type of shit is that?

KlasSiK of BFG said...

its better than jail