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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Finding Myself

Hello Blog! I havent updated in a few months cause i've been working on my promise to grow up. Today is my Birthday the big 20!!!! So here's my plans for 20.

1) Find a Job
2) Get a 3.00 GPA or above
3) Begin my internship
4) Meet new friends over the summer
5) Find my dream girl
6) Break up with my dream girl
7) Find my Real Girl
8) Be the best person I can Be
9) Blog My life!!!! lol

On another note, someone came back into my life that scares me smh. Scares cause they have the ability to open my heart again, and in Aliies Universe thats Major....

Well im out Peace Up ATown Down


V A N I T Y☠ said...

whose the bitch???


V A N I T Y☠ said...

&& o yea, totally missed your blogs.

muahz <3