88 Keys Another Victim

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Random Allies

If T.I. died tomorrow would you cry? 
Anyways ok random things i've been thinking of on the train.

Why do females eye fuck you when their men are there? shall I shoot him and bag your number? maybe

What is with the white girls wearing shiny tights? is that suppose to make ur booty look fat.....cause it does lol

Is Kid Cudi really that nice? or is his random lyrics to advance for my common sense? Idk yet i'll give him time.

Who watches Surviver still?????

Swine Flu is a myth 

So are Mexicans 

Rap really sucks

808's was my soundtrack 

a year and 8 months ago I was laying on a hospital bed weighing 130 pounds
Now I'm 160 pounds jogging and working out , im awesome!!!!

mmmmm Andre 3000, Where is SiriaBadu at?

Water taste like air lmao seriously drink water then taste air , you'll be amazed.